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Lightweight River Rafting Carry Ons

Lightweight River Rafting Carry Ons

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A set of 5 210T polyester waterproof containers offered in a variety of colors for all of your watersport needs.

Colors: red, blue, black, fruit green, army green, orange, sky blue, mixed color

Size information:

(IN) Length Width Capacity
S 8 7.5 1.5L
M 12 9.5 2.5L
L 14 9.5 3.5L
XL 15.5 10.5 4.5L
XXL 17 13 6L

A five-piece lightweight product. The surface of the fabric has been treated to greatly improve the water repellency, greatly reduce the friction coefficient on the surface of the fabric, reduce the wear, and improve service life. Pick and place becomes easy and smooth. Various sizes to store items of different volumes. A variety of color options are available for easy sorting and placement of different items. PU coating, full-line lamination process and professional waterproof roll-up design ensure that the items in the bag remain dry.

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